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About me

In August 1988, I was born in Ethiopia and came to Germany
one year later.

Growing up in North Rhine-Westphalia, I was introduced early to the theatre and acquired experience on local productions.

At the age of 14, I started to perform at the local youth theatre “Cactus” and took part in the plays "Freundinnen" (Girlfriends), "Cafe Soukus" and "Das Soap Ding" (The Soap Thing), Münsters first theater based soap, which started in autumn 2006.

Taking part in a theatre exchange program organized by "Cactus", I went to Kosovo in 2003, where I gained my first international. To have more international interaction, I took part in the theatre festival "i & i- Irritation und Inspiration" in 2004. The multi cultural exchange was very inspiring for me and made me begin traveling to Africa in 2007.

Next to my studies I kept on discovering different parts of the world in order to gain more experience in international theatre.

I decided to make my passion to my profession and moved to Berlin, where I successfully completed drama school with a ZAV-degree in January 2013.